School Tours (Organizer)

Ocio Holidays is Providing School Adventure program comprises of a wide variety of educational and adventurous itineraries and all these itineraries are devised keeping the age groups in mind and they offer something for everybody in the group. All the programs can be customized to suit any kind of particular requirements and needs of your group and ensure that all the students in the trip get to experience different types of adventure activities and get enriched by these experiences.

We offer students a wide variety of programs and challenges, designed to make sure that everyone gets an opportunity to reflect, connect and experience. From the excitement of white water rafting to the spectacular hill walks in the foothills of the great Himalayas, our adventurous itineraries are complete with wonder, excitement and great experiences.

We ensure that not only the students but their teachers and attendants also return home with lot more than great memories of the exciting time that they had on the tour.

We very well know what the school management anticipates when children are involved and most of all, we know how to satisfy them and keep them secure.

School Tours Booking